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Body Waxing can eliminate unwanted hair from areas for two to up to eight weeks. Areas such as bikini, legs or facial areas that are repeatedly waxed over long periods of time can often have softer re-growth, as well as easier experiences on repeated visits.

Details Hair Studio offers a quiet, relaxing environment for all our guests’ body and facial hair removal needs. Our team strives to provide our guests with a thorough consultation before any facial or body hair removal. From eyebrows to bikini lines your experience will be professional and will exceed your expectations.

Facial Hair Waxing

Our eyebrows are an important part of how we create expression in our face. It’s important to keep eyebrows trimmed and shapely. Most of us, with age, find our facial hair becoming coarser or a darker pigment. Eliminate the facial hair drama in a quick and easy visit! Our talented team of professional stylists, assist our guests with facial hair waxing (eyebrows, lip, chin, etc.) right at the shampoo station with our guests seated comfortably and relaxed. Eyebrow, lip and other facial hair waxing is quick, relatively painless and can be performed alone or during a scheduled hair service. The stylist uses the waxing process to remove the unwanted hair and to provide an eyebrow shape that compliments the guest’s face and eye shape. Our stylists will also work closely with you to find a facial or eyebrow maintenance routine that will best manage the area and keep you looking your best.

Body Waxing

Tired of shaving unwanted hair from underarm, and leg areas? With regular waxing of leg and underarm areas you’ll have less frequent visits and less maintenance at home. Throw that razor away! Our leg, underarm and back waxing services are performed in our massage room for a serene spa experience. Our guests are draped for privacy and are relaxed during waxing. If you’ve never had a body waxing experience whether it’s half leg, full leg, or back, our waxing provider will guide you through the process with comfort and ease.

Our body waxing services include:

• Full Leg and Half Leg Waxing

• Back Waxing

• Underarm Waxing

• Full Arm Waxing

Not sure what body waxing services are right for you? Give us a call and we’ll provide you with a waxing consultation prior to scheduling a service.


Facial Wax 1 - Touch up those brows or lip with a quick wax.  $8

Facial Wax 2 - Pick two trouble spot to remove unwanted hair.  $15

Facial Wax 3 - An eyebrow, lip and chin touch up.  $23

Half Leg Wax - Keep those gams prickle free.  $30

Full Leg Wax - Smooth and silky soft from hips to toes.  $50

Underarm Wax - Give up on shaving your pits everyday! A underarm wax can last up to a month!  $25

Half Arm Wax - Smooth arms are just a wax away.  $20

Full Arm Wax - Dark or course arm hair won't stand a chance!  $30

Men's Chest Wax - Wildabeast on your chest? We'll take care of that with a chest wax.  $40

Men's Back Wax - Keep that hairy beast on your back tamed with a back wax.  $50

Men's Leg Wax - You don't have to be an olympic swimmer to want smooth, hair free legs ... waxing is quick and will keep your legs smooth for up to a month.  $45

Men's Shoulder Wax - Those unwanted patches of fur will be gone in a flash.  $30

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