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Details Hair Studio isn’t just a place to discover your next hair style. The studio is designed to provide a full line of services with a nail technician available 5 days a week.

Treat your fingers and toes to a multitude of spa designed nail treatments. Performed by a professional licensed nail technician in our peaceful, clean spa environment, your charkas will feel centered and aligned.

We use an amazing vegan nail care line designed by, Shel Pink called SpaRitual. The products, from lotion to polish, are not tested on animals nor do they contain any animal by-products. Designed to be good for you and the earth. SpaRitual introduces new colors to the line seasonally with an eye on current fashion design trends. The animal friendly products are even more fingers and toes friendly with our spa manicure and spa pedicure services. You won’t believe how beautiful the polish colors are, and will love the ability to take home products to maintain your spa manicure and pedicure until your next visit. Let our nail technician design a home maintenance program for you today!

Spa Manicure

A manicure will take your natural nails from drab to fab with soaking and trimming of the nails and cuticles, and filing and shaping of the free edge. Follow it up with a hand massage with all natural vegan oils and lotions and then an application of a polish color of your choice. Our nail tech can even add a personal touch with an accent nail design.

Spa Pedicures

If just a manicure isn’t enough, your toes will thank you for the same attention with a pedicure. Our spa pedicures are designed to help you maintain happy healthy feet. Getting a pedicure on a regular basis is excellent for promoting good circulation and can keep rough, callused skin at bay. Pedicures are done in a quiet, spa area away from the bustle of the main styling floor. Give your hard working feet a much needed pedicure today!

If you’re a bit tougher on your nails a gel manicure may be the answer. Our nail technician will treat you to the same steps of pampering as a basic manicure or spa manicure but then instead of our vegan polish, a gel polish is used. Gel nail polish is polished on and cured under a UV lamp that hardens and sets the gel. The gel manicure is designed to last much longer than a basic manicure with no wearing, chipping or peeling of the polish.

We offer a multitude of nail services including:

• Basic or Spa Manicure

• Basic or Spa Pedicure

• Gel Manicure

• Acrylic or Gel Nail Sets and Fills

• Nail Designs

Basic Manicure - Your hands and fingers will thank you kindly.  $22

Spa Manicure - Your hands work hard for you … let us work hard for your hands!  $32

Basic Pedicure - A quick fix for the little piggies.  $30

Spa Pedicure - Ahhhh … simple pleasures. Soak, scrub and soften your cares away.  $57

Mani/Pedi Package - An hour of fingers and toes bliss.  $42

Spa Mani/Pedi Package - The works! A no nonsense sweet treat for your hands and feet.  $85

OPI Gel Polish Manicure - A manicure that lasts up to 2 weeks!  $37

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