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Our professional massage therapist offers a variety of massage services to induce a state of relaxation and wellness. A Swedish massage provides a soothing and gentle soft tissue manipulation, increasing circulation of blood and lymphs, and easing sore muscles. With a Deep Tissue massage the focus in on chronically tense and contracted areas. Work on breaking down adhesions in muscles, tendons and ligaments to relieve pain and restore mobility. Or you could try a Hot Stone massage and experience smooth, heated basalt lava stones that penetrate deep into muscles and ease tension, creating a more balanced flow of energy.
If you've never experience a massage before you are welcome to come in a meet our massage therapist and spend some time learning about the process.


1 Hour Swedish Massage -
60 minutes of relaxation is on it's way. starts at $70
1 1/2 Hour Swedish Massage - If 60 minutes just isn't enough then perhaps 90 will do the trick! starts at $95
Aromatherapy options available

Deep Tissue
1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage -
For muscles that need a bit more work than a traditional swedish massage. 
starts at $110
1 1/2 Hour Deep Tissue Massage - Don't miss a single spot with an hour and a half of deep tissue work. 
starts at $145
Aromatherapy options available

Hot Stone
1 Hour Hot Stone Massage - Deep relaxation ensues with the heat from a hot stone massage. starts at $85
1 1/2 Hour Hot Stone Massage - Let the hot stone heat sink into your muscles and relieve your tension. 
starts at $135
Aromatherapy options available

Aroma Touch - Eight oils applied with a light touch, rebooting your body.  $75

Chair Massage
15 Minute Chair Massage -
The 15 minute recharging and rejuvination station.  $20
1/2 Hour Chair Massage - A great way to give massage a try without leaving your comfort zone.  $37

Pregnancy Massage
1 Hour Pregnancy Massage -
 Relieve body aches and stress in a comforable, soothing hour for mom-to-be. 
starts at $100

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